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Listen to songs sing by diepthanhthanh . Here you will find thousands of audio musics feeds from various Vietnamese singers . Fast sampling musics streams to your computer, great audio quality, and open 24 hours.
PLAY – ai di ngoai suong gio
PLAY – bai tang o gia tu
PLAY – bai tho dan ao
PLAY – bay gio con nho hay khong
PLAY – biet noi sao
PLAY – buon oi
PLAY – canh chim phieu lang
PLAY – chan anh ghe
PLAY – chieu mua thu bay
PLAY – con gai nha lanh
PLAY – doi chim lac loai
PLAY – goi anh
PLAY – hay xem nhu mot giac mo
PLAY – hoa tim doi cho
PLAY – ky niem tren moi mat em
PLAY – ky niem trong mat em
PLAY – mot chieu mua
PLAY – mot nguoi di
PLAY – ngay nao em di lay chong
PLAY – nguoi tinh va que huong
PLAY – nho nguoi dung
PLAY – nuoi tiec
PLAY – rung thu
PLAY – tinh ca 3
PLAY – tinh nao cho em
PLAY – tinh xua xa roi
PLAY – tu do em buon
PLAY – xa nhau
PLAY – chieu mo