Cai Luong

Ben Cau Det Lua

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One of Vietnamese culture is to listen to Cai Luong. Most Vietnamese favorite title Ben Cau Det Lua. Read more to listen to audio feed and related video clips.

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Vietnamese History: Organization

The first Hùng Vương established the first state of Viet nation from 15 tribes of Lạc Việt in responding the needs of co-operation in constructing hydraulic systems, and in struggle against the enemies. This is a very primitive form of a State with the King Hùng on top, under him is a Court consisted of assistants – the Lạc Hầu. The country composes of 15 Bộ (region), each ruled by a Lạc Tướng, usually Lạc Tướng was a member of King Hùng’s family. Bộ comprised the agricultural hamlets and villages based on a matriarchal clan relationship and headed by Bộ Chínhs (usually an wise old man).

The east border of the country was to the sea (Tonkin Gulf now), the west to Ba Thục (Sichuan), the north to Dongting Lake, and the south to Hu Tun Kingdom (Champa).

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