Cai Luong

Mau Nhuom San Chua

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One of Vietnamese culture is to listen to Cai Luong. Most Vietnamese favorite title Mau Nhuom San Chua. Read more to listen to audio feed and related video clips.

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Vietnamese History: The first dynasty of Vietnam

According to the Đại Việt Sử Ký Toàn Thư, after more than 1000 years after the ancient people (or we can call the time after the Stone Age “BC”), the inhabitant populations grew and spread to every part of Vietnam. Near the Hồng River, Cả River and Mã rivers 15 Vietnamese tribes were living. The 15 Vietnamese tribes were the strongest tribes at this time. The tribes compass were spread from Hồng River to the foot of the Ba Mountain to the foot of the Tam Bao Mountain. In the tribes there was the talented leader, he put together all the other tribes and became a great leader of the 15 tribes. He declared himself “king”, creating the first Viet dynasty known as Hồng Bàng. That leader is Hùng Vương, a Vietnamese cultural hero who is credited with teaching the people how to cultivate rice. Hùng Vương is the first king in Vietnam in the years about 3000 BC and the founding father of the country. King Hùng has named his Kingdom “Văn Lang” (that means Vietnam in the present), and set up the capital at Phong Châu (Việt Trì, Vĩnh Phú) on the cross-point of three rivers where the Red River Delta begins from the foot of mountains.[1]

His sons followed the Hùng Dynasty. The throne was given from father to son, generation to generations. The Hùng Dynasty has stopped after 88 dynasties on the advent of the military leader An Dương Vương’s conquest of Văn Lang. In total, the Hồng Bàng Dynasty was ruled by 88 successive kings (although only 18 names were recovered). Many great wars were fought in the beginning of the second dynasty.

The Hùng Vương era was thriving along with the water-rice civilization in the Red River Delta, at the mid-Bronze Age.

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