Cai Luong

Nguoi Dep Bach Hoa Thon

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One of Vietnamese culture is to listen to Cai Luong. Most Vietnamese favorite title Nguoi Dep Bach Hoa Thon. Read more to listen to audio feed and related video clips.

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Vietnamese History: Thục Phán and Âu Lạc’s Administration

There is not much recorded and or written about how the new Âu Lạc was administered and organized. Historians admit there are a lot of writings about other Vietnamese National dynasties such as the Lê, Lý, Trần, Hồ, etc. but not for the period of 257 to 207 BCE, which was under Thục Phán’s rule. Nonetheless, based on Thục Phán’s accomplishments, he is assumed to have been an astute, intelligent, and significant figure. Certainly he was a talented general who knew how to exploit the confusion and turmoil in China during that period, not only to grab a piece of land for himself but also to secure his state’s prosperity and survival. Around that same time, circa 260 – 250 BCE, when Thục Phán ascended the throne, various states were fighting for control of China. Eventually, the Qin state rose to power and unified China under Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Upon Qin Shi Huang’s ascension to the throne, he descended into Legalist practices. Hoping to prevent potential civil unrest and rebellions, he ordered the burning of millions of books, other significant official documents from previously conquered warring states, and forced thousands of intellectual officials to be buried alive. Qin Shi Huang also ordered the beginning of the construction of the Great Wall, and around the same time, further south, An Dương Vương had begun the construction of a spiral-shaped fortress called Cổ Loa Thành to fend off future northern invasions and attacks.

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