Hai Huoc

033_Ca Me Mot Lua

One of Vietnamese culture is to listen to Hai Huoc. Most Vietnamese favorite title 033_Ca Me Mot Lua.mp3. Read more to listen to audio feed and related video clips.

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Vietnamese History: The economy was based mainly on water-rice cultivation, and in addition were handicrafts, hunting and gathering, husbandry and fishing. Especially, the skill of bronze casting was at high level. The famous relics are Đông Sơn Bronze Drums on which depicted house models, clothing, custom, habits, and cultural activities of Hùng era. The Hùng kings ruled Văn Lang in feudal fashion with the aid of the Lạc lords, who controlled the communal settlements around each irrigated area, organized construction and maintenance of the dikes, and regulated the supply of water. Besides cultivating rice, the people of Văn Lang grew other grains and beans and raised stock, mainly buffaloes, chickens, and pigs. Potterymaking and bamboo-working were highly developed crafts, as were basketry, leather-working, and the weaving of hemp, jute, and silk. Both transport and communication were provided by dugout canoes, which plied the network of rivers and canals.