Hai Huoc

Dai Gai

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One of Vietnamese culture is to listen to Hai Huoc. Most Vietnamese favorite title Dai Gai.mp3. Read more to listen to audio feed and related video clips.

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Vietnamese History: Triệu Minh Vương or Ming Wang (124-112 BC)

Triệu Anh Te was the crown prince when his father, Triệu Vǎn Vương, died. Triệu Anh Te’s appointment to the position of emperor was a concilatory measure to the Emperor in Chang’an as a sign of Nam Việt’s submission and respect. This crown prince, Triệu Anh Te lived most of his life in China. In China he had fathered a son by a Han woman name Cu Thi. He named the son Triệu Hưng. Only when his father, Triệu Văn Vương, died did Triệu Anh Te receive permission to go home for his father’s funeral. This happened in 124BC. Triệu Anh Te ascended the throne as Triệu Minh Vương. Not much is known about Triệu Minh Vương’s reign, probably because it is a short one and he was subservient to the Han emperor. His Chinese-born son, Triệu Hưng, was only about 6 years old when Trieu Minh Vương died. Owing to Triệu Hưng’s extreme youth, his mother Cu Thi, became the Empress Dowager.

Trieu Minh Vương’s death precipitated the events that would lead to the seizure and domination of Nanyue by the Han forces.

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