Hai Huoc

Garage Sale

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One of Vietnamese culture is to listen to Hai Huoc. Most Vietnamese favorite title Garage Sale.mp3. Read more to listen to audio feed and related video clips.

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Vietnamese History: Triệu Dương Vương or Yang Wang (111 BC)

In the South, (i.e., in Nanyue) the Han did not notice a general by the name Lu Gia rising to power. First, Lu Gia named Triệu Kiến Ðức (Triệu Minh Vương’s eldest son) the new Emperor to usurp Triệu Áp Vương’s throne. Lu Gia selected Triệu Kiến Ðức was because he was sired by Triệu Minh Vương through one of his concubines. Lu Gia wanted to stir up Yue patriotism at this time for his cause. Triệu Kiến Ðức took the emperor-name Triệu Dương Vương. The Han Imperial army became aware of the shift in power and began sending troops south to the border of Nam Việt (Nan Yue).

There, the Han crushed the Yue army. Lu Gia and his emperor Trieu Duong Vuong tried to flee the country but then were caught and executed. The Han now had total control and domination over Nanyue until the time of the revolt of the Trưng Sisters, Hai Bà Trưng, led by Trưng Trắc and Trưng Nhị.

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