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Lien Khuc Nhu Vat Nang

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This Vietnamese music CD album from Asia Entertainment Music Production, CD album title Lien Khuc Nhu Vat Nang. Read more for sample audio music and detail of the album. Some might have video clips.

1 – Lien Khuc Nhu Vat Nang – Anh Minh
2 – Anh Van Biet – Chau Tuan
3 – Xe Dap – Ngoc Le
4 – Mua Tren Bien Vang – Lam Thuy Van
5 – Dung Xa Em Dem Nay – Thao My
6 – Tra No Tinh Xa – Mai Le Huyen
7 – Rong Reu – Nguyen Khang
8 – Hay Yeu Nhu Chua Yeu Lan Nao – Don Ho
9 – Trai Tim Khong Ngu Yen – Dalena
10 – Kiep Dam Me – Thien Kim
11 – Medly – Paper Lantern Night – Trish

Lien Khuc Nhu Vat Nang

Type – ID: CD26651

Label / Production:
Asia Entertainment

Sale Price: $9.99

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