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Mong Nguoi Ta Luon Tot Luon Yeu Em

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This Vietnamese music CD album from VV Productions Music Production, CD album title Mong Nguoi Ta Luon Tot Luon Yeu Em. Read more for sample audio music and detail of the album. Some might have video clips.

1 – Nguoi Ay Va Toi Em Phai Chon – Luu Chi Vy
2 – Va Nhu The Em Di – Ung Hoang Phuc
3 – Nga Ba Tinh – Thien Truong
4 – Mong Nguoi Ta Luon Tot Luon Yeu Em – Luu Chi Vy
5 – Tam Hon Doi Gian – Thien Truong
6 – Yeu Trong Mu Loa – Thien Truong
7 – Chay Theo Co Be Yeu – Luu Chi Vy
8 – Co Don Mot Vi Sao – Ung Hoang Phuc
9 – Vong Tron Tinh Yeu – Thien Truong
10 – Ke Buom Hoa – Luu Chi Vy
11 – Canh Chim Tren Song – Thien Truong
12 – Khong Co Lan Thu Hai – Thien Truong

Mong Nguoi Ta Luon Tot Luon Yeu Em

Type – ID: CD19418

Label / Production:
VV Productions

Sale Price: $3.99

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