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Nhung Ca Khuc Cua Nam Loc

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This Vietnamese music CD album from Thuy Nga Music Production, CD album title Nhung Ca Khuc Cua Nam Loc. Read more for sample audio music and detail of the album. Some might have video clips.

1 – Sai Gon Oi! Vinh Biet – Nam Loc
2 – Chi Con La Giac Mo Qua – Nhu Quynh
3 – Nguoi Di Tan Buon – The Son
4 – May Lang Thang – Thu Phuong
5 – Mot Mai Khi Tro Lai – Khanh Ly
6 – Mot Thoi De Yeu – Thuy Anh
7 – Em Da Quen Mua Thu – Tran Thai Hoa
8 – Giot Tinh Sau – Y Lan
9 – Me Oi Khi Con Vua Tro Lai – Khanh Ly
10 – Trung Vuong Khung Cua Mua Thu – Minh Tuyet
11 – Xin Doi Mot Nu Cuoi – Khanh Ly
12 – Em Van Cho Anh – Luu Bich

Nhung Ca Khuc Cua Nam Loc

Type – ID: CD20998

Label / Production:
Thuy Nga

Sale Price: $9.99

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