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Que Huong Vung Troi Ky Niem

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This Vietnamese music CD album from Van Son Entertainment Music Production, CD album title Que Huong Vung Troi Ky Niem. Read more for sample audio music and detail of the album. Some might have video clips.

1 – Ho Tren Nui – Ngoc Ha
2 – Que Huong – Y Lan
3 – Dan Cam – Nguyen Hong Nhung
4 – Lien Khuc Hue – Thanh Tuyen
5 – Lien Khuc Da Lat – Ha Vy
6 – Chuyen Tinh La Lan – Phi Nhung
7 – Neo Dau Ben Que – Ngoc Ha
8 – Nguoi Phu Quet Duong – Truong Vu
9 – Soc Trang – Nha Thanh
10 – Bac Lieu Hoai Co – Le Chi
11 – Vong Co Thuong Nho Mien Tay – Huong Lan

Que Huong Vung Troi Ky Niem

Type – ID: CD27148

Label / Production:
Van Son Entertainment

Sale Price: $8.99

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