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Toi Nghiep Than Anh

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This Vietnamese music CD album from Asia Entertainment Music Production, CD album title Toi Nghiep Than Anh. Read more for sample audio music and detail of the album. Some might have video clips.

1 – Toi Nghiep Than Anh – Lam Nhat Tien
2 – Lien Khuc Mot Lan Nua Thoi – Em Da Quen Mot Dong Song – Yeu Em Am Tham – Tinh Yeu – Giua Hai Mua Mua Nang – Bao Yen
3 – Giong Song Ky Niem – Mot Lan Nua Thoi – Quoc Khanh
4 – Dinh Gio Hu – Doan Phi
5 – Lam Tho Tinh Em Doc – Phuong Thao
6 – Dieu Gi Do – Mai Yeu Nguoi Thoi – Cardin
7 – Con Mua Ha – Da Qua Thoi Mong Nho – Y Phuong
8 – Day And Night Of Missing You – Thuy Huong
9 – Trai Tim Mua Dong – Don Ho
10 – Con Rong Chau Tien – Lam Nhat Tien

Toi Nghiep Than Anh

Type – ID: CD28756

Label / Production:
Asia Entertainment

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