Viet Singers Artist

Thanh Van

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Vietnamese Artist/Singer Thanh Van biography. All about Thanh Van . Video clips music and more, read more …

While attending high-school in Vietnam, Thanh Van competed and won first
prize in a local talent show which showcased young promising artists. In the
spring of 1992, Thanh Van and her family left Vietnam and chose San Jose as
their new homẹ Just a week after she arrived, she competed in and won the
singing contest at the San Josés Tet Celebration at the Fairground. This
contest was produced by musician Pham Manh Dat. Coincidentally, in the audience
that fateful afternoon, Mr. Tran Quang Nam, a very well known musician in the
Vietnamese music community was present. He offered to introduce Thanh Van to ATM
recording studio, a Trinh Nam Son production. Since then, Thanh Vans career has
been on the risẹ She has recorded several songs on CD and has appeared in
several music videos for May productions.

Thanh Van credits her mother for her new found success. Thanh Vans source of
courage and inspiration is derived from her mothers confidence in her. Although
Thanh Vans true love is to perform romantic ballads, while touring, she often
sings New Wave music partly due to audience demands and partly because she feels
that an artist/singer must be multidimensional. Thanh Vans two favorite songs
are The Power of Love and I Always Love Yoụ She considers these two songs most
suitable for her voice, singing style, and indicative of her inner feelings.

Thanh Van is well known to students in the Bay Area since she routinely appears
in their school productions and gatherings. Thanh Van feels that her fan base
constitutes mostly of college students and young peoplẹ

In term of music videos, Thanh Van collaborated with May productions in several
projects. She first appeared in their 5th video and her latest being Hollywood
Night, Nguoi Tinh Mua Dong. Thanh Van also collaborated with Y Nhi in Vinh Danh
Cac Nhac Si Tinh Cam. On the audio recording front, Thanh Van have collaborated
with ATM in the past and she presently sings for Golden Laser label on CD and
Karaokẹ She has released so far 2 CDs, Tieng Hat Thanh Van and Thung Lung Hong.

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