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Trinh Nam Son

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Vietnamese Artist/Singer Trinh Nam Son biography. All about Trinh Nam Son . Video clips music and more, read more …

Trinh Nam Son is an outstanding Vietnamese
singer-composer in the Vietnamese communitỵ Though starting late for a music
career (this was how people used to tell him), he did not see age as an obstacle
with his goal. He began studying composition in his late twenties at the Dick
Grove School Of Music. After this time and thereafter, his fresh musical
approach has created a new horizon for the new generation of Vietnamese youth
and the Vietnamese community as a whole (as he was told after he became well

During his school years, he studied composition, orchestration, and conducting
with famous film composers such as Henry Mancini, Bill Conti, Alan Ferguson,Dick
Grove, Roger Steinman, Jack Feiberman, and David Angel. Under the tutelage of
such great musicians, he began to write many marvelous pieces of instrumental
music as well as beautiful songs and lyrics. His composition skill is
demonstrated through many different styles and types. From mambo, swing, Dixie
to funk, rock, and hiphop. Contemporary pop to classical. From Jazz combo & Big
Band to full size orchestrạ

Graduating in 1986 as an honor student, Mr. Trinh went back to his community and
single-handedly built a new trend of Vietnamese contemporary music (per the
audience). He has continually produced album after album for the Vietnamese
people to enjoỵ The way he expressed the songs through his warm voice has
touched the heart and soul of the Vietnamese audience the world over. Many of
his songs became top hits and his singing career soared, since then he has
performed widely throughout The United States, East and West Europe, and Canadạ

Contact: P.O Box 726, N. 9th Street, San-Jose, CA 95112 or E-Mail

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