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Em Hau Phuong Anh Tien Tuyen

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This Vietnamese music CD album from Asia Entertainment Music Production, CD album title Em Hau Phuong Anh Tien Tuyen. Read more for sample audio music and detail of the album. Some might have video clips.

1 – Lien Khuc Sau Le Bong – Doi Bong – Le Bong – Tuan Vu
2 – Ha Tien – Ngoc Huyen
3 – Lien Khuc Da Lat Hoang Hon Va Thuong Ve Mien Dat Lanh – Thanh Tuyen
4 – Nha Trang – Ha Thanh
5 – Ly Cafe Cuoi Cung – Duy Truong
6 – Nhung Dem Cho Sang Va Biet Kinh Ky – Philip Huy
7 – Lien Khuc Canh Buom Chuyen Ben Va Chuyen Tau Hoang Hon – Phuong Dung
8 – Huynh De Chi Binh – Mai Le Huyen
9 – Lien Khuc Dem Nguyen Cau – No – Ong Gia – Trung Chinh
10 – Em Hau Phuong Anh Tien Tuyen – Manh Dinh

Em Hau Phuong Anh Tien Tuyen

Type – ID: CD27807

Label / Production:
Asia Entertainment

Sale Price: $8.99

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