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Nguyen Thang – Quen Mot Loi The

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This Vietnamese music CD album from Van Son Entertainment Music Production, CD album title Nguyen Thang – Quen Mot Loi The. Read more for sample audio music and detail of the album. Some might have video clips.

Nguyen Thang – Quen Mot Loi The

Type – ID: CD27537

Label / Production:
Van Son Entertainment

Sale Price: $8.99

1 – Ngoi Om Bong Em – Nguyen Thang
2 – Giot Le Co Don – Ha Ngoc Van
3 – Vi Anh Yeu Em – Andy Quach
4 – Dont You Love Me – Vy
5 – Thoi Anh Hung Thuong Hai – Nguyen Thang
6 – Mong Cho – Ha Ngoc Van
7 – Giac Mo Mot Cuoc Tinh – Andy Quach
8 – Quen Mot Loi The – Nguyen Thang
9 – Musicalyti – Vy
10 – Trai Tim Van Cho – Van Thao

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